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COVID-19 General Cleaning & Hygiene Practices

General Cleaning & Hygiene Practices to Minimise the Potential Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within your Workplace

Recommended procedures for businesses and workplaces to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus:
  • Ensure your staff are well informed with all the information and support they need to work safely in your workplace. This includes:
    • Being able to maintain social distancing guidelines (2 metres). This may mean less staff working in the office; moving desks or utilising other areas such as meeting rooms as temporary office space; introducing restrictions or different routes around your office within corridors and smaller areas where social distancing may not be possible.
    • Maintain good hygiene practices at all times. Display posters to staff and visitors on good hand hygiene and ensure adequate hand washing facilities are available. Provide dispenser solutions with 60%+ alcohol hand sanitiser if possible; or 'hygiene stations' with hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes or virucidal/antibacterial sprays for equipment such as telephones/copiers/keyboards etc.
    • Ensure staff and visitors are aware to cough and/or sneeze into tissues or cover mouth with flexed elbow; ensure adequate waste bins to dispose of used tissues and requirement to re-wash or sanitise hands immediately.
    • Display posters advising not to touch eyes, nose, mouth or face. Avoid greeting visitors with a hand-shake or any other physical contact.
    • Ensure your staff know the signs of COVID-19 and the procedures for your workplace and the Government guidelines to follow should they feel unwell or come into contact with a potential carrier of COVID-19.
  • Ensure regular daily cleaning takes place in your workplace and also consider any other additional measures that can be taken to reduce the potential spread of bacteria and virus spores throughout your workplace.
    • Communicate with your cleaning company. They will be able to advise how they are addressing cleaning in your workplace and any special or additional measures they are taking such as:
      • the use of specialised cleaning products (we use Selgiene Extreme and Sterizar for specialist fogging services; both products provide up to 30 days protection following correct usage);
      • re-prioritisation of high priority tasks such as touch points;
      • training of cleaning staff;
      • additional specialist services available to protect your workplace from Coronavirus (COVID-19); or
      • what to do in the event of a confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on your business premises.
    • Your cleaning company will also be able to discuss any further considerations for cleaning within your workplace and provide guidance using advice from key organisations (WHO, ECDC, ISSA etc). They should also be able assist with supplies such as hand sanitisers; antibacterial wipes; PPE, and any other additional cleaning products you may require over the course of the coming weeks and months.
  • Ensure you have a list of key contacts should there be a potential outbreak or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak within your workplace. This will not only reduce time but allow you to respond quickly and get key parties involved, including your cleaning company. Ensure they have the capability to respond to a potential outbreak.

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