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hard floor cleaning

Many businesses are now using modern hard floor surfaces which include Karndean and Amtico, as well as natural stone, wood, terrazzo, tile etc.

We have seen many of our industrial, leisure and manufacturing customers using specialist safety floor coverings which are designed, not only to be safe, but hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. However over time safety flooring can become discoloured and can become a hazard to staff and visitors if not cleaned and maintained regularly and effectively.

At Shine Cleaning Solutions we can undertake the specialist cleaning required to remove the build up of dirt, debris, oils/greases, fatty deposits on safety floors.

All hard floor surfaces need to be maintained in the correct manner to keep up their appearance. It is important that skilled technicians use the correct equipment and cleaning agents so as not to damage the floor surface. This can lead to poor results and at worst, damage to the floor which can then require replacement or repair.

There are many benefits of maintaining and caring for your hard floor areas, not least:
  • To retain a clean and polished look to the floor area;
  • To maintain and reduce wear on floor surfaces to prolong it's life;
  • To reduce safety issues ie to provide enhanced slip resistance;
  • To provide faster, more effective and efficient regular cleaning.
If you want to speak to us to request a quote for commercial hard floor cleaning, please contact us on 01506 414452

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