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At Shine Cleaning Solutions, we believe that investing in our staff pays dividends time and time again. Getting the right person to work on your premises and fit in with your staff is crucial.

We value our staff and therefore when we recruit, we pay more to attract better staff and retain them for longer.

We provide ongoing support and training through our own in-house training programme which is in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science guidelines and Federation of Window Cleaners Code of Good Practice. External training for supervisors or specialist operators is also provided.

Our staff are fully uniformed and they must be able to understand and speak communicative English.

We reward consistently high standards of work with performance based incentives.

We are however quite strict with our staff. We don't allow staff to just turn up when it suits them and we do not advocate the 'key job' which is well recognised in the cleaning industry. Our staff have set working times which allows us to closely monitor them. The majority of our staff use our time attendance system to record start and finish times. There are many benefits of this system, not least:
  • It allows us to comply with health & safety requirements for lone workers.
  • It gives our customers peace of mind that they are receiving the full hours that they have agreed with us.
  • It allows easier management of payroll and wages administration.
  • It enables management to be more proactive in dealing with any potential service issues.
If a member of staff does not 'clock in' an email alert is sent to our operations director usually within 15 minutes for immediate investigation. If any issues arise you have our assurance that we will do everything possible to resolve them swiftly and certainly within 24 hours.

Staff simply 'clock in' when they arrive on site, by telephoning a freephone number from the customers landline and enter their unique PIN code. Staff do the same when they leave site to 'clock out'. The time, hours worked, telephone number and location are all recorded.

There are no additional costs to our customers for this service.

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