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Q1: If you employ staff directly (ie in-house) you will face extra work in employing the cleaner(s) ie payroll, tax and NI, recruitment, discipline, training etc.

We employ the cleaner(s) directly so we take on all the employers responsibilities and the cost of any ongoing training. Our in-house training is in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science standards. On larger sites cleaning staff may also be required to undertake external training.
Q2: If you employ staff directly you have to spend time managing and monitoring cleaning work standards and checking up on the cleaner to make sure that things are being done.

Supervision and regular checks are key and why most cleaning companies cannot maintain consistency. If cleaner(s) are well supported by management and well trained this tends to reflect in the work standards provided. We are very visible, popping in at different times throughout the week when cleaning is taking place to check on standards, undertake a site audit or drop in with supplies.
Q3: Your comments on the cleaner(s) or the overall cleaning standards do not seem to get addressed or rectified.

Our goal is to provide 'quality, service and value for money'. No company can guarantee that problems won't occur, however we believe it's how you react and deal with problems that is important. We act immediately to resolve any problems, then we check to ensure you're happy with what we've done.
Q4: What happens when the cleaner is off sick or on holiday? If the cleaning is in-house, do your own staff have to clean? or is your current cleaning contractor not arranging suitable cover on your behalf and letting you down?

We recognise this is often when problems occur, leaving little or no cleaning cover at all. Our cleaning staff are asked to notify us at least 4 hours in advance of absence so that relief staff can be arranged. Where staff provide little or no notice of absence, we will provide relief cover as soon as possible but no later than the following working day. Alternatively, we will arrange for other cleaning staff on site to work additional hours to cover duties. We also try to ensure that relief cover is provided by a consistent staff member to allay any concerns over security.
Q5: The cleaner(s) do not stick to their work times and come and go as they please.

We give our staff strict working times to stick to and we use a time attendance system which requires staff to phone in and out on arrival and departure. This system flags up within 15 minutes if there is a problem so we can address this. We frequently pop in to check on staff and we also undertake regular site audits to check on work standards.
Q6: You receive multiple invoices from different suppliers for cleaning, waste management, window cleaning, hygiene services, janitorial supplies etc which is time consuming and a pain to manage.

We can offer all these services, broken down in one concise quote/invoice. It is entirely up to you whether you feel this would be beneficial - it is entirely optional and may save you money. We can offer competitive rates, either because we have our own in-team house with lower overheads, or we have greater buying power with partners and can pass these reductions to you. Some of our customers prefer a `one invoice` approach as it reduces paperwork and time taken to organise and pay multiple suppliers.
Q7: Having to buy cleaning materials and keep an eye on stock levels of consumable items and remember to reorder as required.

These items can add up when you buy them yourselves, not to mention the hassle of having to remember to order them or run to the shops to get them. We include cleaning materials in the price you are quoted (this does not include consumable items like bags, toilet roll, soap etc). We have access to commercial based products which are tailor made for the industry. This includes a wider range of products which often provide better results than general household cleaners.
Q8: Maintain and fix broken cleaning equipment.

We provide all the equipment as part of our service. Our in-house electrical tester undertakes an annual check of all equipment provided (PAT test). Equipment is maintained frequently and broken items repaired or replaced. Staff follow an equipment repair procedure if a fault is discovered and usually equipment can be fixed or replaced within 24 hours.
General Service Standards

Q9: How do I know that the cleaning is being done in the most efficient and cost effective way?

Our directors have over 30 years experience in the industry. We are knowledgeable about the most up to date cleaning methods and equipment used.
Q10: Customer Care

We want to work as hard as we can to deliver the best results because we want to retain your custom and gain a good reputation. One of the best things a customer can do for us is praise us or recommend us to someone else because they have received a good service.
Q11: How do I know that health & safety standards are being met?

We are SAFEcontractor accreditated (member of SSIP scheme) which assures you of the highest H&S standards. Our site manual holds all our H&S documentation including RAMS, COSHH, MSDS's etc. We also provide you with a site specific cleaning risk assessment which many other cleaning contractors do not provide and if you have specific H&S requirements our in-house H&S manager can assist you with additional information.
Q12: Emphasis on Staff / Training

Getting the right staff to work on your premises is crucial. We value our staff and therefore when we recruit, we pay more to attract and retain better cleaners. We provide ongoing support and training through our own in-house training programme which is in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science's standards.

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