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DLE Engineering, Cleaning Consultancy

Client: DLE Engineering, Stirling

Service: Cleaning Consultancy

Period: June 2013


We were approached by DLE Engineering via a referral from an existing client. DLE directly employed a cleaner for a number of years. They felt that cleaning standards were not being maintained to an adequate standard and could be improved. Through discussions with STEP Stirling, the local business enterprise partnership who use the services of Shine Cleaning Solutions, DLE were passed our contact details.

Services provided

DLE felt that receiving external support and advice would highlight some areas where efficiencies and improvements to their cleaning service could be made. Following initial discussions with the General Manager at DLE we agreed an allocated number of hours whereby cleaning operations could be assessed.

Our Operations Director, Irene Blackman attended site, observed the cleaner and spoke to key staff including the cleaner, GM and Office Manager. On completion of the site visits, Shine Cleaning Solutions provided a report to the GM with our observations and some 'traffic light' recommendations.


Many of the changes that were recommended to DLE were simple to implement. An example of our recommendations included:
  • Providing a more detailed 'daily' work schedule to break down all the tasks which the cleaner could easily follow and implement to agreed standards. We provided an outline schedule as part of our service.
  • Bringing forward the cleaner's start time by 30 minutes and re-arranging work tasks to allow key areas, in particular floors to be mopped and allowed to dry, prior to staff arriving and prior to a morning tea break.
Initial feedback after concluding the site visits was that the cleaner had found it beneficial to have someone impartial to speak to and get advice and support from.


The last couple of days have been extremely positive and we are most grateful for Irene's time. Irene provided a service well beyond our expectations. Her sensitive yet forthright approach has made a noticeable impact on our cleaner's attitude and work.

Chris Pearse, General Manager
DLE Engineering Ltd

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