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Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare, Periodic Cleaning

Client: Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre

Service: Periodic Clean of Respite Houses/Flats

Cleaning Period: Every Quarter


We were approached in December 2010 to complete a deep clean of 5 respite properties. These properties are essential to the local community. They allow supported care to be given to local carers allowing them to take a break from providing care to elderly or disabled family members or relatives. The properties also assist seriously injured patients with rehabilitation to asses their independence and safety, prior to them returning home. The properties are either 1 or 2 bedrooms, one of which is a fully functioning 'smart house' with fully integrated technology, alarms, sensors and monitors.

Services provided

The deep clean was completed over 4 days in January 2011. It entailed a full clean of all areas within each property including lounge, bedroom(s), kitchen and bathroom. This involved steam cleaning of bathroom sanitary wear/tiled areas; full flooring and carpet cleans; full clean of kitchen including all cabinetry, appliances and internal fittings (dishes, crockery etc); dust of all furniture, fixtures and fittings; and a steam clean of mattresses and curtains.


It was vitally important that when cleaning our staff were particularly careful about all the sensors and monitors in place within the houses. Microfibre cloths are used as standard to minimise the cleaning products required, this was of particular importance in the 'Smart House' where there are a number of integrated sensors which could easily have gone off.


Clackmannanshire CHC were delighted with the work completed during the deep clean and Shine Cleaning Solutions have undertake a quarterly clean of respite properties to maintain these to a high standard for users and their carers since January 2011.

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